Finding my pants.


I recently came across the above quote on Pinterest while browsing for ‘inspiration’. These 5 little words have had a profound impact on me during the last few weeks, and now I find myself sat in my garden writing down my musings.

They are threefold:

  1. Do I own a pair of positive pants?

With the average woman (thanks to a few quick google searches) owning on average around 20 pairs of pants, what are the specifications that would classify a pair as ‘positive’?

My mission became about successfully identifying my positive pants.

As soon as I opened my underwear drawer I felt perturbed by the disarray. By the time I’d sorted through I’d discovered added extras such as a safety pin, hair accessories, nail varnish, a sock belonging to my 11 month old and an old Birthday card.



It would appear I own more pants than the average woman. Although I am going to counter this with the fact that maternity pants should most definitely NOT count.

There are several pairs, I discover, that I’d forgotten I owned and then a whole collection that I’ve been ‘keeping’ just in case I ever loose half of my body-weight overnight.

I think I should probably let those go.

Clearly my positive pants must be a pair I can actually fit myself into.

After a good 10 minutes staring into pants-dom I draw the conclusion that positive pants only need to do the following:

Give the wearer confidence.

If I feel comfortable, feminine, secure and supported (!) then I feel more confident and therefore more positive.


  1. Do I need a more positive outlook, resulting in the requirement of positive pants?

If I analyse how positive I am as an individual over an average week and then plot a graph, there would be less highs and more lows in my positivity.

Honestly, I am much better at being positive for others and for show than I am for myself and behind closed doors.

“Try not to worry” is a phrase I use so much it would equal the amount of times I’ve heard about ‘Brexit’ on the news this last week. If I were a politician (we can all be thankful I’m not) that phrase would be my campaign strap-line. Although in fairness my phrase might be considered apt given current affairs. The irony is not lost on me.

Sometimes, I can be positive.

As in, actually positive and not just for show.

While talking with friends I have encountered the term ‘positive psychology’ on more than one occasion. So what is this all about? Martin Seligman, the term’s founder summarises it as the, ‘scientific study of optimal human functioning [that] aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive’.

Put simply it’s about learning to view the world from a more uplifting perspective. Instead of things that require fixing positive psychology focuses in on the things that make life worth living.

Sounds idyllic, if a little unrealistic?

Maybe I could achieve it whilst wearing my positive pants?


  1. Upgraded. Hmmmm…

…According to Seligman’s principles my blog title isn’t very pro Positive Psychology.

Too late to change it now.

Not too late for me to try making a lifestyle change though.

I am going to try making a change.

I’m going to put on my positive pants and start walking forward.


And so here begins Me. Upgraded.

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