I have waited patiently for this day to arrive.

It seems to have taken far too long, but FINALLY I have had the joy of picking 7 homegrown blueberries from my garden.


I admit this is not the crop I was hoping would keep me from having to purchase punnets from supermarkets, however they tasted all the sweeter, having watched them grow and develop over the months.

This harvest (can I call 7 blueberries a harvest?) has brought much joy today and I have the feeling that I am ready to take on the gardening world.

Move over Tichmarsh! I’m ready for the take-over!

Maybe I’ll be self-sufficient next year.

I might not even purchase any fruit or veg ever again from the supermarket.

And it’s not just veg…

I could keep Chickens. Or Bantams. Or Chickens and Bantams.

And a pig.


I have no idea of the pigs’ purpose. I couldn’t keep it for meat, maybe it would be good company for the chickens?

Can chickens and pigs be friends?


The main thing I have taken away from this experience is that there is a real joy to be found in eating something you have grown yourself.

Such a simple thing, yet, I am so very happy. And dare I say it, more garden confident.

My lesson of the day? Appreciating simplicity, in all its forms.



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