A new chapter

While walking around the university a few days ago, I was arrested by the beauty of the notice board in the picture above.

There was no complete flyer or notice. Only staples, torn paper and pins…and yet I found it almost overwhelmingly beautiful.

I have wondered what the flyers, posters or notices might have said or advertised. Events, social clubs, things for sale?

They were all in the past now. Removed, leaving only a small imprint on the board as a whole.

What has left an imprint in my life?

There is no doubt that my past has shaped my present and will continue to mould my future, and for this I feel gratitude.

Don’t get me wrong, there are chapters from my story I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but they have made me stronger, more resilient and built my faith in ways I never imagined.

No matter where I am in my life, whether reflecting on past chapters or starting to write new ones, the lesson I’m learning is to love my story.

The whole thing.

Even the dodgy chapters.

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