Barry: a true story


In response to the challenge from fracturedfaithblog ( I present the following piece of flash fiction based on the till receipt pictured above:


Barry stared down at his pyjamas. He was well aware he should remove them and yet if he could just get another days wear he’d be happy. They were his favourite. They were, in fact, his only pair.

Barry had very little to his name. He shuffled a bit in bed and turned onto his left side. Left was his favourite side.

Barry had lots of favourites. His favourite time of day was dawn, when he could hear the birds singing and the world was just beginning to wake. His favourite friend was Brenda, they’d been through a lifetime of adventures together. His favourite song was Banana Co. by Radiohead, which his father had introduced him to.

Barry tried to go back to sleep and drown out the ‘noise’ that was playing on a radio somewhere. He drifted off into a comfortable oblivion.

Someone was suffocating him in his dream, he thrashed around in bed and knocked against something sharp and cold. He muttered a few incomprehensible words and fell back in deep slumber.

Naked. Barry was actually naked when he woke. Pyjamas gone, removed from the comfort of his bed. He’d sleepwalked before – but never undressed himself. This was a first.

Not recognising his surroundings he looked around to gather clues to his whereabouts and to find something with which he could preserve his dignity.

He found a silver blanket and wrapped it round his bottom half.

Further down the road there was a large, white container. He climbed in and tried to get comfortable in order to resume his sleep. Being homeless was not one of Barry’s favourite things.

Eventually his eyes heavy with tiredness he fell back into a deep sleep punctuated with nightmares about being stabbed with a knife.


My first attempt. Thanks for the challenge and inspiration for this creation! Had so much fun.

7 thoughts on “Barry: a true story

  1. Yes. I’m on my 3rd draft of it and it’s sitting at around 120K words. It could be brilliant or it could be rubbish. I just don’t know. I would be thrilled for you to read it into day – Stephen 🙂


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