Blueberries 2

Two years ago I ‘harvested’ 7 blueberries from my garden. I found the overall experience of growing, picking and eating them so exhilarating that I found myself imagining a small holding including chickens etc etc…

That was then.

This year I’ve harvested more Blueberries than ever (see picture) but there are two major updates:


Turns out I’m not the biggest fan of Blueberries in any useful quantity. It appears 7 are quite enough to suit my appetite. Thankfully my husband and children feel differently and have been able to give them a new home!


The smallholding. It’s err, much smaller than I envisioned. In fact it’s a raised bed.

On the plus side I am growing kale, courgette and runner beans.

Still no chickens though. No livestock at all, with the exception of the two (constantly mating) wood pigeons and next doors cat.

Thanks to the pigeons, my 3 year old now thinks pigeon ‘piggy-backs’ are ‘a thing’.

Turns out managing life is just about complicated enough without being self-sufficient.

What have I learned?

Good intentions can cause frustration and feelings of failure. I mean, in reality I knew juggling family, career, calendar and all the other things we collect along the way along with a self-sufficient lifestyle would be nearly impossible.

But nearly impossible doesn’t mean impossible.

However it does mean unrealistic.

I’m a mother of 2 wonderful children under 3, I consider it a luxury getting the chance to shower for more than 3 minutes – I’ve no idea where managing the livestock and all the upkeep of fruit and veg would fit in.

My children need care and attention – and I’d rather give it them than plants.

I’ve also learned that small successes are still successes. Yes I’m not where I thought I could be, but I’ve achieved a portion of it. A tiny child’s portion – like a really stingy one. But it’s there. There is something on the plate at least. And that’s more than an empty plate.

Where from here?

Well, I realise that I quite often set myself up for failure of some sort by considering myself as some sort of superwoman.

I am not she.

At least not my version of her.

So I am going to try to be kinder to myself. Small chunks is now my approach.

Maybe more super-chunky-woman.

2 thoughts on “Blueberries 2

  1. Yes to all of the above (except maybe the seven blueberry limit β€” I am more in the camp of your husband and children!) Kindness towards everyone β€” including oneself β€” sounds like wisdom that this planet needs right now. And being grateful for what DOES have and what one has ACTUALLY accomplished (no matter how small) sounds like wisdom, too. Much of our human society is wildly out of balance due to a seemingly insatiable desire for more stuff, more things, more experiences, more travel, more speed, more multi-tasking, more accomplishments, etc. Let’s teach our children and ourselves the blessed concept of “enough.” Thank you for finding time to grow blueberries AND to write blog posts from time to time.

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