My daughter loves to paint.

She uses way to much water, likes to mix all the colours, use as many brushes as I’ve made available and paint any surface she can reach.

That is not how I paint.

It’s not how I’d like her to paint. If it were up to me she would be ‘more careful’.

If it were up to her, I’d chill out and let her enjoy herself.

Over time I have learned to let go and let her express herself her way. So what if I have to do a bit of cleaning afterwards, or if I need to put her clothes through the wash. The reason I bought the branded paint is because it’s washable.

She will sit and cover the paper in colours, with a big smile, talking about what she is doing and what each daub of paint is. Then she sits back, admires her work and proclaims ‘it’s beautiful’.

And it is.

It is beautiful.

All of it.




I’ve been thinking about this today.

I added the above verse to one of her paintings when she was younger.

He has made everything is beautiful in its time. Ecc 3:11.


Things are tough at the moment – it’s true. I could look at everything and continue down the road I began yesterday evening called self pity.


I can choose a different road.

The road that shows things in a different light – a beautiful one. I can make the most of the chance I have to reconnect with God, to consider what I value and what is important in life. The time I am with my children, husband, family and friends I can cherish.

I can decide to see beauty in brokenness.


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