I love moss.

I love the colours, the textures the shape, smell, sponginess, how and where it grows and the varieties.

It is simple beauty.

I’ve always liked it. But only recently have I started to really look at it, smell it, touch it…

I’m starting to sound weird.

Why am I writing a post about moss??

Here are some moss facts:

1. There are over 14,000 varieties, found all over the world, including Antarctica.

2. During WW1 moss was used when the cotton wool ran out to help dress and cleanse wounds.

3. For the environmentalists amongst us, there is eco-graffiti. Homemade moss mix painted onto walls to form urban art with a conscious heart.

These are only 3 amazing facts about moss. There are more. I won’t go into any more detail.

What I will say is this:

Moss is resilient, flexible, tough, useful, creative, sensitive, responsive, patient, spontaneous, hardworking, resourceful and yet humble.

I want to be more Moss.

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