Below is my most recent offering to the Flash Fiction Challenge from Fractured Faith blog.

Using the receipt pictured above the following has been created:

Twenty quid should do it, he thought as he removed the pump nozzle and replaced it in its holster.

The thought of Tuesdays appraisal loomed in his mind. He pushed it away.

He walked slowly but deliberately towards the shop. His legs felt like those of an old man and his whole body ached. It had been worth it though. Every last minute.

A smile spread across his face as he remembered what had been that weekend.

Carlson’s first glimpse of the countryside. Ella and her visible disgust at the idea milk came from cows udders. Ty when he sank into the bog while they were out orienteering.

Yes. The aches and pains were a small price to pay in exchange for the experience of a lifetime for his young people.

They were all returning to London changed from their experience.

For some it was their first time out of the city, for others the produce they bought in shops had no connection to the countryside or farming – until now that was.

He found his way to the drinks aisle and picked up 24 cans of Diet Coke and made his way to the till. It was hot and stuffy in the minibus and the cool cans would be met with much appreciation.

Joining the queue he looked through the window over the forecourt. He watched as inside the bus some slept, their faces pressed up against the glass, and others chatted and exchanged smiles and laughter.


The weekend had confirmed it.

The resignation letter he had prepared to hand in on Tuesday would be torn up.

He reached for a packet of mints before paying the bill.

‘Have you had a good weekend Sir?’ asked the assistant.

‘The best, the very best’ he replied, and with a ‘thanks’ he turned and made his way back to the minibus.

Back to his purpose and his future with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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