Day One – The lesser evil.

A wonderful honest first day account on a new blog that is going to be well worth following.

Baby Blues?

So I have postnatal depression. 

I also have a son, a full time job, a husband and a tiny flat that I could never have afforded without my parents’ ISA balance. 

This is the start of my recovery and as I write this I am experiencing the quickest and most intense reaction to a prescribed drug that I have ever felt in my life.

After 5 minutes with a GP, some tears and a soggy outing to the local chemist – I was in possession of 28 tiny Citalopram tablets. The promise, (or rather the hope,) being that postnatal depression is a very treatable form of depression and I will recover with these magical tic-tacs by my side.

Now just to clarify. I am not a beginner in the mental health arena. It surrounds me from all sides – truly. If one was to be rather macabre, you could say…

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