This is my brain today…

Every time I try concentrate on one thought the knotted mess of wires tightens.

I have two main problems

Number 1.

The amount of wires.

By this I mean there are too many thoughts for one brain.

I am thinking about what I’m doing now, the kids, the hubstar going to work tomorrow and whether he will remember his wallet is on the dining room table, the washing basket is full, I need to buy shoes for the kids, the fact that if I were to purchase wardrobes for our bedroom I’d rather they were solid wood, that I’m glad it’s rained as my garden needed it, that I should have gone to bed earlier…and so on and so on…

And the second problem is

The tangle they are in

Although, I admit, these thoughts are neither life changing or substantial enough to warrant long term consideration, they result in my brain feeling like a tangled mess.

The important thoughts, like remembering to record the number of seizures I had this last week ready for my neurology appointment, seem to become buried under all the other thoughts. All the irrelevant rubbish that takes up brain space.

In an earlier post I wrote about strategies.

I need an untangle strategy.

  • Do you ever feel like this?
  • What do you do to help?
  • What are your strategies?

9 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Take a deep breath and write it all down, is what I do when my thoughts race like that. I prioritize and organize them and decide what to tackle

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  2. I used to do stream of consciousness writing. I would journal everything that was in my head in no particular order until my mind felt less cluttered. Then at the end I’d make a short list – no more than 4 – of the important thoughts that actually needed action. Helped quite a lot. Xx

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  3. Lists keep me focused. I keep a “to do” list, and a “to remember” list. I do the important tasks on my “to do” list first. As I continue to do the tasks, I cross them off the list, which gives me the freedom to put those out of my mind. My “to remember” lists are put by the door, (for example, if I have to post a letter on the way to work, or to remember that my phone is charging and I need to get it before leaving the house) or posted on the bathroom mirror, (for example, to take a pill) or in the place I will most definitely see it. I find I don’t have to be as anxious about things that way, and keeps my brain untangled.


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